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While we await clearance on a medication which will make the entire concept of back pain into a bit of mankind’s dark, forgotten history, has invested in building a world-class spinal care center in southeastern Illinois. Well respected across the tri-state area, Bone Gap Back & Spinal Tap has turned Bone Gap, IL into the economic engine of Edwards County.

For anyone living the Southeastern US, our subsidiary, Ninety Six [96] Pharmapseudocal & Boiled Peanuts, may be known best for their delicious and reasonably priced Boiled Peanuts. Among mariners and surfers, Ninety Six [96] is known globally for its velvety, plush swabs, Ninety Six [96] Cotton Sticks.

Anyone and everyone is always welcome to spend very few dollars on Garb from the Rivalless Garb Company!

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