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How We Are Organized

Our organizational structure has been variously described with words like, “not very clear,” and “confusing.” We present this page in hope of being able to direct all future inquiries here.

Press members’ inboxes are littered with press releases, someone from the company just appeared on TV or the radio, or if you work here, someone told you to do something. We understand there are sometimes questions about who is speaking, and how authoritative they might be with regard to their position in We generally follow the sort of corporate setup any business major should understand as the typical American business. 


Each Division Head may implement their own sub-organizational structure, and they each do things a little differently. Because of that, it is possible (in many cases, it is likely) that the person speaking is the only individual in the company who knows anything about the topic at-hand. Therefore, stands by whatever is said and stands behind whoever* said it.  


*-Except for Stephanie Snyder when unaccompanied by recognized personnel. That girl tells lies for free drinks. 

The reality is that I’m just a guy in a lousy apartment with a lot of extra free time since losing my job in November, 2020. Being near-broke, and craving a creative outlet is kind of fueling the efforts at this point. I have no idea what I am doing and I have no idea how to make any of this actually work. At least I’m learning a bunch of stuff by doing it, I guess. Time will tell if anything I’m learning is of meaningful value…

I’ll be impressed if any human being ever actually lays eyes on these words.

Thank You!

We appreciate your involvement.