Illinois’ Forgotten Tubes

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Illinois' Forgotten Tubes

This information is complemented by information on our SICC Page and our Plano Headquarters Page.

When HQ got an email from The SICC with this image of a cylinder they’d discovered in the basement, minds immediately  began to race to the pneumatic pump we had just hauled back to the basement. The long email eventually mentioned that the cylinder was stamped with SCHULTZ & GOEBEL WIEN, a name proudly stamped on the side of the pump.

After countless hours were spent on research, including the kind where you go to a library and pore over slides of microfiche and learn details about places you’d never hear of otherwise, a discovery was made that would impact every decision we made from that point forward. Our basement served as the proving ground for an experiment that would result in a huge amount of economic activity. Activity that stopped in the blink of an eye, and was not openly discussed subsequently.  

One man on our staff quickly stood out with his impressive ability to come forward with details and information. He seemed to be eating, sleeping, and breathing the vast details of this story. The President of Land and Facilities for, Kevin Black Kettle knows the most and we asked him to write what he has learned not just for ourselves, but for posterity.  

What follows is his  account. Please enjoy Illinois’ Forgotten Tubes written by Kevin Black Kettle.

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